The twins want Mary back as their babysitter

Aadi and Asha realise the grass isn't always greener when Eva replaces Mary as their babysitter in Corrie

Due to Mary’s new job at the florist’s, Erica takes charge of Aadi and Asha for the day. They’re quick to realise she’s no pushover and the twins vow to get Mary back.

When Nigel ignores her messages, Cathy leaves Alex in charge of the cafe and storms out. Roy finds the cafe in chaos with Alex yelping in agony, having scalded his arm, and takes him to A&E. At Nigel’s house, Cathy demands the truth and Nigel invites her inside. Cathy asks Nigel outright if Alex is his son. What will he say?

Sharif is unnerved by how near Alya is to the truth and agrees to convince Yasmeen to buy a flat and Sonia can rent somewhere else while it’s being built.

Aidan’s impressed by Alya and Sinead’s designs ,but sceptical Johnny demands facts and figures. Freddie’s disappointed when Audrey turns down his invitation to lunch.