Two weddings… Two births… And a death!

*Hour-long LIVE episode*

Emmerdale’s special live episode, to celebrate the soap’s 40th birthday, is full of drama… There’s Katie and Declan’s and Chas and Dan’s weddings… But after all the interruptions, is there anything to celebrate?

Declan and Katie’s nuptials are disrupted when Megan bursts in after discovering she’s been swindled by them, a plan that also involved the newly married couple buying the slience of Megan’s twisted son Robbie for 10 grand!

But the heart of the episode is Chas and her impending marriage to the mismatched Dan, while Cameron is disconsolate that his lover is walking down the aisle with another man, and her vicious ex Carl tries to blackmail her into returning to him.

Chas goes through with the marriage, but then runs off from the reception as a bewildered Dan tries to stop her and she returns to the Woolpack to pack and get away from Carl’s clutches. But…

Carl finds her at the campervan after she has a heartbreaking showdown with a bewildered Dan and the bitter pair trade insults until Chas appears to break down and reveals that she does still have feelings for him. It can’t be true, can it?? Not a bit of it. Her manipulation is revealed, when after another exchange, she tells him exactly how much she loathes him.

A furious Carl suddenly reveals he killed his father, Tom, for her and he attacks Chas, throws her against a wall and attempts to rape her. But Chas fights desperately and manages to pick up a brick and smash him in the head with it.

Carl slumps to the ground, but he sends the incrimating photos of Chas and Cameron to Cam’s partner Debbie…

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the cry of Debbie’s newborn baby boy promises a healthy future for Sarah… This is the saviour sibling Debbie and Andy created so that Sarah could get the bone marrow transplant she needs to save her life.

Dan and Chas’s reception continues in full swing despite neither of them being there, when Gennie suddenly goes into labour. Nikhil is forced into acting as birthing partner and midwife while Gennie, after much huffing and puffing, eventually gives birth to a little girl. Now Nikhil’s going to have lots of little onesies to starch and iron, along with his shirts.

Back at the campervan, Cameron comes across a near-unconscious Carl, who rouses when he finds his love rival there. The pair exchange insults and Carl goads Cameron into a murderous rage. Just as Carl summons all his strength and gets up to cry ‘I’m indestructible!’ Cameron bashes him around the head with the brick… And Carl slumps to the ground. Dead.

At the hospital, Debbie asleep after her labour is oblvious to her mobile flashing with new messages…