Hugh Grant’s acting range is very limited, but when it comes to the timing of a line for maximum comic effect he has few equals. And here he has a director, a script and a generous co-star that bring out the best of that talent.

Grant’s a wealthy New York-based business tycoon who glides through life with hardly a care in the world. In every way, he’s the acceptable face of capitalism. And then, at her comically earnest best, Sandra Bullock is the community activist lawyer who, a short while after chancing into a top job with him, suddenly gives him two weeks notice to quit…

Will she really leave? Will they get to like each other? Will he stop knocking down buildings and help the community instead? Will it all end happily ever after? And will he start seeing things her way? Of course, the plot is pure piffle, but the two keen stars whisk it up into something that’s quite special. A tonic.