Ty bids farewell to Ramsay Street

Ty finally decides to move to London to be with Rachel. But when his passport goes missing at the last minute, Steph realises just how much the Ramsay Street kids will be affected by his departure. Realising that distance doesn’t have to mean the end of their friendship, the boys join the street in bidding Ty a fond farewell.

Zeke’s loved ones are shocked by the revelation that he is Lost Boy. But Zeke enjoys a renewed chemistry with Donna. Ringo is jealous of their intimacy and Bridget worries that Donna’s feelings are just a distraction from the pain caused by the collapse of her family.

As the teens’ rehearse Toadie’s script, Sunny finds herself unable to deal with her mixed feelings for Zeke. When she quits the play, Donna becomes Zeke’s leading lady. But as Donna and Zeke’s kissing ‘practice’ fails to create any sparks, Zeke realises he might be trying to create fireworks with the wrong girl.

After accepting Declan’s proposal in the heat of the moment, Bridget finds herself increasingly uneasy about the idea of getting married. As she hides her engagement from her friends, her doubts throw an uneasy spotlight on Miranda and Steve.

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