Ty is made an offer he can’t refuse

Ty doesn’t show for a gig that Rachel has set up to showcase his talent for a successful band manager. He’s worried his addiction to painkillers in the past might sabotage his career again and backs out all together. Ty and Lucas bond over past mistakes and Lucas encourages Ty to start again. When he fronts up to the gig, the band manager is surprised by his talent and offers him a position as front-man of a well-known band, who will be on the road for six months.

Justin confronts Zeke with a business offer – money in exchange for homework. Zeke rejects the offer at first but Justin spots him in the general store unable to buy a pie because he’s so broke. He gets him at a vulnerable moment and Zeke accepts, telling Justin it’s a one-off deal! However Justin has other plans and tells Zeke his mates will be putting in some orders, and he better accept or else!

Harold and Lou bicker about Lou seeing a doctor about his cough. When Lou confesses that seeing a doctor at his age scares the life out of him, Harold encourages Lou to visit the hospital and they end up having a health check together!

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