Just as Tyler is about to tell Paige how he feels, he realises Brennan and Paige are a couple. Brennan discovers Paige’s tryst with Tyler down the well and goes to meet him at The Waterhole. Tyler buries his heartbreak, but Brennan is still undecided whether he can be with Paige after she hid the truth from him. Elsewhere, Ben shows up at the garage and Tyler decides they should take a spin on the motorbike.

Ben is fearful that the photos his girlfriend put online will rear their ugly heads in Erinsborough, so he skips school. Although Karl and Toadie try to persuade Susan he’s just being a teenager, she can’t help but worry. And it seems her concerns are not unfounded when Karl discovers Ben has deleted his social media profile.

Sonya brings up the idea of daycare for when Nell is older, but it’s clear they’re reluctant to cut the apron strings. Karl’s take on the matter only serves to confuse them further and they’re left in a state of indecision, not sure what’s best for their family.