Tyler confronts Lucas

When Tyler arrives back at the garage to find the roller door open, he tackles the intruder to the ground – only to learn it’s the new owner… Lucas Fitzgerald. Later, Sonya questions Lucas about his newfound wealth and she becomes suspicions that he’s in trouble. As she shares her fears with Mark, Tyler overhears that his boss may be a gambler.

Amy’s suspicious when her ex, Liam, announces he’s got a new sales job and wants to spend time with his boy, so she offers to give Jimmy extra credit so the boys can keep texting. But Kyle’s left stung when she brushes him off to join in on story time with Liam and Jimmy. Meanwhile, Liam assures Amy that he wants to contribute financially to raising their son and she finds herself taken in by Liam’s charm.

When Sheila begins to share intimate details of her relationship with Russ, a horrified Naomi demands that she stop talking immediately. She’ll support Sheila, as long as she doesn’t have to hear any more about their bedroom antics.