More questions around Hamish’s death are being raised, so Tyler and Piper push Toadie to find out how long Tyler could go to prison for. Later that night, Toadie explains to Tyler that manslaughter charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years, but he’s looking at a sentence of two years.

Tyler tells Piper the news, but Piper refuses to be down in the dumps and decides to make the most of the time they have together. The pair decide to create new memories before Tyler goes to prison and the couple have a great time together. However, their good mood is shattered by some heartbreaking news…

Meanwhile, with a lack of shifts at Spa Lassiters, Xanthe asks Terese to go full time, but Terese only has a full-time vacancy for a housekeeper. Later, Xanthe feels frustrated when both Gary and Ben try to convince her to go back to school. After a heart to heart with Ben, however, Xanthe decides she wants to pursue her dream of being a nurse. Xanthe also makes a big decision to sleep with Ben for the first time – but will they both regret it?

After being hit with Jimmy’s bike, Shane desperately tries to explain to an anxious Kirsha, that the accident wasn’t her fault. Will this the latest unfortunate incident set Kirsha’s recovery journey back?