Tyler’s convinced that Piper is hiding something and with her being so preoccupied with her exams, it only feeds his paranoia. Tyler then speaks to Xanthe who acts out of character when T-Bone’s name is mentioned. He speaks to Piper once again, but her evasiveness angers him even more and he storms off.

Tyler turns to Hamish and Aaron, who both have different opinions on Piper’s behaviour. Aaron reveals that Piper has been ill and needs Tyler’s support, whereas, Hamish believes Tyler should give her space. Will Tyler listen to Hamish or Aaron?

Meanwhile, Leo desperately tries to explain to Mishti why he kissed Courtney, but she doesn’t want to hear a word he has to say and runs off. Later, he manages to track her down and tells her that his kiss with Courtney was nothing but an attempt to prove that she’s using Paul. Will Mishti believe his explanation?

Also, it’s muck-up day at school and Yashvi plans to make it a day to remember. She takes inspiration from Toadie’s Year 12 prank and breaks into the greenhouse causing all hell to break loose. Will Yashvi cause more trouble than she anticipated?