Whitney feels uncomfortable when she sees Joey and Lauren kissing. Joey sees Whitney looking and warns her to mind her own business or he’ll tell Tyler that they kissed. A guilty Whitney tells Bianca about the kiss, wondering whether to confess to Tyler. Bianca thinks there’s no point in causing trouble. Uncomfortable with lying, Whitney ‘fesses up. Tyler launches himself at Joey then tells Whitney it’s over!

Bianca has a brainwave about how to make some cash, suggesting to Kat they set up a stall together. When Bianca talks about trading licences and pitch fees, Kat reminds her that they’re skint! When Alfie sees Kat on her way to pawn her wedding ring, he learns about the stall and suggests he lend them the money. Alfie says what’s good for Kat is good for Tommy. Kat is grateful.

Masood is supportive when a miserable Zainab is forced to confess that she didn’t get the manager’s job. Masood comes clean to Zainab that Ayesha wants to go to university instead of marrying Rachid. When Zainab tells Ayesha that she’s better off with Rachid than a degree, Ayesha is gutted. Ayesha tells a shocked Masood that Zainab doesn’t love him like she does and she knows he feels the same way.