Brennan prepares Tyler for a meeting with Michelle, fitting him with a listening device as they talk him through the sting. However, Joey Dimato unwittingly damages the transmitter and the feed drops out. It seems the sting is a failure, until Tyler reveals Michelle mentioned that Dimato will be back in town next week to oversee the new phase of his business.

Terese is desperate for Mary to take Paige with her to Singapore and proposes that she begins her research with Lassiters. When Terese, Paul and Mary meet, Mary recognises Naomi’s name due to her affair with Charles Tranner. Charles is friends with the partners of the firm holding the conference Mary’s organising. When Mary privately advises Paul that he’ll have to lose Naomi, he reluctantly agrees and Naomi’s shocked when she realises she’s been sidelined.

A guilty Terese gathers Paige, Brad and Lauren together to come clean but ends up telling them she’s in business talks with Mary because she had hoped Mary’s prolonged presence in Erinsborough would encourage a thaw with Paige. Paige is grudgingly accepting of Terese’s news about her mother.