Whitney feels smothered by Fat Boy when he showers her with Valentine treats. At a Valentine’s bash at the club a miffed Lucy decides to make mischief after Tyler rebuffs her. When Fat Boy takes the mic Lucy hints to Tyler that he’s about to propose to Whitney, knowing that in reality Fat Boy has a romantic surprise. Tyler panics and tells Whitney how much he likes her. Tyler is mortified when he realises Lucy set him up.

Alfie’s back in the Square after visiting Charlie. Alfie learns that Derek has been using the Vic barrel store to stash stolen copper and asks him to move it. Derek counters with a suggestion he come in on a scam to sell tax-free booze in the Vic. A skint Alfie agrees, but worries about what he’s got himself into when he sees the bruises Michael has from his encounter with Derek.

Shirley is disappointed when Heather cancels their night out to be with Andrew. Andrew is frustrated in the Vic when Heather’s mind is elsewhere. Andrew tells Heather to go out with Shirley after all as long as she’s back before midnight. Heather happily heads off to the club with Shirley and after a drunken night out passes out on Shirley’s sofa.