Tyler hires Steph at the garage

Tyler’s impressed by Steph’s knowledge and offers her a trial shift. She soon makes friends with Amy and explains she has two sons but avoids telling the whole story. Later, Tyler offers her the mechanic’s job but when Karl sees Steph he can’t help but be concerned – is she going to cause havoc once more?

When Aaron books another gig, Nate realises he’s not sure he can be with a guy who dances for other men for a living. Sheila suggests he talk to Aaron and recalls when Naomi snuck out to a club while underage. One night, Sheila called the police and got the club shut down for serving minors. Later that afternoon, Aaron is arrested and taken to the police station.

Josh is shocked when he discovers a letter from the State Education Department regarding the closure of Erinsborough High on the USB Naomi gave him. Josh tells Susan, and her snooping finally causes Paul to snap, as he reveals the sale is all but signed off on. It’s official – Erinsborough High is going to close!