Brennan forces Tyler to go through with a meeting with Dimato, despite his growing apprehension. But Tyler has to abandon Brennan’s protection, or risk being found out as a traitor. Learning that Tyler has gone missing, Brennan finds his phone on the road and realises his brother is in danger. As they struggle for any leads on Tyler’s possible whereabouts, Paige must confess her own involvement in the hope that they can find Tyler in time.

Paige tells all her friends that she is moving to Singapore with Mary but when she discovers Tyler is in danger she has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Brad laments Paige’s imminent departure to Terese. Seeing how heartbroken Brad is, Terese’s guilt is piqued. Later, Lauren and Brad confess their true feelings about Paige, reassuring themselves that she’ll be back.

Naomi organises Lassiters’ rebranding launch. Paul is reluctantly cajoled into hearing her pitch and he’s pleasantly surprised by its brilliance. But as she tries to close the deal, there’s a spanner in the works as she loses one of the vital elements of the presentation, forcing her to improvise.