Tyler is in shock

Tyler receives news that leaves him stunned

Tyler is stunned to find out Fay has confessed to the murder of Hamish. Tyler is convinced that Fay is lying to stop him from ending up in prison, but she won’t budge and remains adamant that she really is the murderer. Tyler follows his instincts and asks Mishti to help prove his mother’s innocence even if that does mean he’s put back in the frame for murder.

Meanwhile, Xanthe defends herself after being caught with bottles of alcohol on school premises but her words fall on deaf ears and she’s suspended while an investigation takes place. Things turn from bad to worse as Xanthe is then suspended from her job by Terese. Will Jimmy do the right thing and come clean?

Also, Karl and Susan return from their holiday and there’s tension in the air. What exactly has happened between the couple and what will happened when Paul causes even more animosity between them?