Detective Bill Graves arrives in Ramsay Street as he’s overseeing the investigation into Hamish’s death and it becomes clear that the investigation is a murder case. Graves corners Mark and says that he had motive and opportunity, but Mark tells him that Louise is probably the culprit. Later, Graves’s attention turns to Tyler, as he was the last person to see Hamish alive…

Detective Graves also quizzes Sheila and Gary believing they both had reason to murder Hamish. With both of them acting out of character, could they be the person who murdered Hamish?

The Gala was a success and Terese praises Courtney and her efforts. Courtney’s grateful for Terese’s kind words as people don’t often compliment her for her intelligence. Courtney’s admission moves Terese and the pair begin to bond. Later, when Gary sees Terese dressed up, he thinks it’s to impress Paul. Is he right?

Also, Tyler is desperate to talk to Piper about Hamish’s death, but realises she’s nowhere to be seen….