Tyler is stunned when he finds Hamish in possession of a string of messages between Piper and T-Bone. Hamish plays the concerned father act perfectly and tells Tyler he believes something’s going on between Piper and T-Bone and wanted to protect him. Meanwhile, Piper is feeling confident about her English exam, especially as she goes over her answers with big sister Paige.

Piper sets off for her exam but, just before she enters the exam hall, Tyler turns up and the pair have an almighty showdown regarding the text messages. Will Piper still be able to nail her exam? Will Piper and Tyler break up? And will Hamish use the opportunity to convince Tyler to leave Ramsay Street?

Over in Paris, Aaron has arrived and is on a mission to find the green door in the 7th Arrondissement so he can speak to the woman from the photo who knows Hamish’s secrets. Will Aaron be able to track her down?

Also, Jack is loving his new role at Erinsborough High, so Elly invites him to an orientation session for new students and their parents. The problem is that the session takes place after school and Jack is supposed to be looking after Gabe. How will Paige react to Jack’s last-minute change of plans?