Hamish wants Tyler and Aaron to move the boat they inherited form Russell to a less secure Marina. Once that’s been achieved, he plans to steal the boat with his lover Louise, as he will be thrown into prison by November 7 if he doesn’t pay his extortionate tax bill. Hamish plans to sail to Indonesia, but the boat’s engine is old and won’t last the distance. However, if Hamish can convince Tyler to come along to maintain the engine, he has a chance of escaping – but can he convince him to leave his life behind?

Meanwhile, Sheila is concerned with Courtney’s special treatments on male clients, especially now a note from a client has been discovered that reads: “Happy endings.” Sheila tells Gary, Terese, Susan and Dipi – but will they take her concerns seriously?

Also, Terese has a huge day ahead of her. Lassiters has an inspection that could see it being upgraded from a four-star to five-star hotel. So, the last thing she wants to deal with is a scandal, so she sets off to confront Courtney. Courtney claims she’s innocent and has done nothing wrong, but Terese doesn’t believe her and fires her. Will Terese’s actions have consequences?