Tyler makes a tough decision

Will Tyler leave Aaron in his hour of need?

It’s the day before Tyler’s trial and Piper is organising a get together for him, his friends and family. So Piper is left stunned when Tyler says he has to go out. Tyler goes off to the garage to complete a dodgy job for Banks.

However, when Tyler arrives at the garage, he finds that the job will take longer than planned. To make matters worse, halfway through the job, Tyler finds out that Aaron’s life could be on the line and has to make a choice between saving his brother or completing the job for Banks…

Everyone is getting in the party spirit for Toadie’s big ’21st’ party. Guests are ready to dress up in their 90s outfits and Toadie is excited for his big day, until people start dropping out. Will Toadie have to cancel or can Shane save the day?

Also, Karl clashes with Paul again, when he finds out that Paul wants the hospital wing named after his mother. Will Karl and Paul ever reach a truce?