Piper seizes the day and confesses to Tyler that she likes him. Tyler admits he likes her too, but when he cautions her to stay away she declares she doesn’t care. Later, Piper doesn’t hide her distress when she comes across Tyler kissing Courtney. 

Paige is desperate to track down the bags of stolen goods before it’s too late, but she’s forced to abandon the effort when the hens party in her honour gets underway. Lauren can see her daughter isn’t in the mood, and Paige confides that it’s only a matter of time before Mark uncovers the real Paige.

After a heart to heart with Toadie, Brad tells Lauren fate keeps bringing them together and then begs her to reconsider getting back together.

Daniel and Imogen open up to each other and their recent differences soon melt away in a kiss. Meanwhile, Kyle offends Amy when he refutes Aaron’s quip that they will be the next couple to walk down the aisle. Contrite Kyle insists he didn’t mean it and, reconciled, they kiss.