Tyler and Paige get together

A drunk Paige and Tyler indulge in some uncomplicated fun!

Heartbroken by Jack’s decision to choose his religion over her, Paige decides to lose herself in a spontaneous party – but Mark soon breaks it up after a noise complaint. Later, a drunk Paige and Tyler turn to each other for comfort and uncomplicated fun. But as morning dawns and they realise what they did the night before, both are horrified.

Amy is horrified when she learns that Paul has initiated an expose story of Ryan’s lingerie cleaning service that is due to hit the front page of the West Waratah Star. Forced to admit her involvement, she begs him to stop the story. But Paul and Toadie are shocked when they discover Tim Collins is the new owner of the Star and he’s planning to destroy Sonya’s mayorship and expose Amy’s sordid past.

Ben urges Piper to try to put Tyler out of her mind, but when she’s distracted by a steady stream of social media photos of Tyler and Paige’s party over the road, Ben delivers some tough love – telling Piper that it was behaviour like this that caused her to lose him in the first place.