Tyler tells Ayesha he’s tracked down Bren

Ayesha feels torn when she gets the chance to see her mother...

Ayesha is livid when she hears that Tyler has been in touch with Bren. When she calms down, Tyler tells Ayesha that Bren has a string of convictions under her belt and Ayesha is stunned when she hears the details. Will she reach out and make contact with her mother or let sleeping dogs lie?

Valerie is nervous about her one-year cancer check up. She wants the day off, but Mrs Tembe refuses. However, when Mrs T finds out why the day is important, she decides to throw Valerie a party – but will Valerie be happy?

Ruhma comes to the aid of a pregnant woman who is clashing with her birth partner – but is it the pregnant woman or the birth partner who needs her help most?