Tyler’s actions catch up with him

Tyler’s been laying low since Dimato’s arrest and remains fearful of what will happen should Dimato get off. His fears finally come to a head when he learns that Dimato is out on bail and when the criminal pays Tyler a visit, Tyler realises he’s got nowhere to run…

Brad and Lauren are gutted when they learn Danni is now claiming that Matt and Brad were actually in the middle of a full-blown argument, which had spilled over onto her side of the road. But just as Brad is about to confess to Brennan that he and Matt were actually arguing about Matt’s infidelity with Sharon, Brennan learns that the crash investigations unit has confirmed that Danni was indeed driving on the wrong side of the road. Danni accepts responsibility for her actions and apologises to Lauren, Sonya and Brad.

When Naomi discovers Paul has another child – Amy Williams – listed as a beneficiary on his will, Paul asks Naomi to start looking for his daughter. Karl is shocked that Paul is planning for his passing and offers Nick his assistance but Nick rebuffs it. He then tells Paul that he’s found a new drug trial that looks promising. And confirming that the research centre will in fact go ahead, Paul shows that he is moving forward as well.