Tyler’s in a bad way

Tyler is rushed to hospital. Eddie despairs when he learns that Tyler has bleeding on the brain. Eddie tells a hurt Anthony he wishes that Anthony was hurt and not Tyler. Michael confronts Eddie about the past and reveals the fight was designed to happen on the same day and at the same time that his mother died. Michael accuses Eddie of playing his sons off against each other and insists that Eddie’s favourite, Tyler, is going to die.

Eddie realises that he’s created the monster that Michael has turned into. Eddie goes to Tyler’s bedside while, alone, Michael breaks down. Michael finds Eddie with Tyler and Eddie promises that he’ll tell Michael the whole truth about his mother’s suicide. Carol is heartbroken about Eddie’s betrayal. She confronts him at the hospital. Carol tells Eddie he’s a selfish man who hurts everyone around him, then leaves to stay with Sonia for a while.

Fat Boy and Faith go back to Grace’s flat in the aftermath of the fight. Fat Boy snaps into action when he sees Whitney calling out to him and runs to help his friend. Fat Boy accompanies Whitney to the hospital to see Tyler and realises that Whitney has feelings for Tyler.