Tyrone and Fiz pray for Hope

Tyrone abandons the tow truck in front of the hospital and dashes in. Fiz explains that Hope has got an infection and has to stay in overnight. Outside, Tyrone’s horrified to discover the truck has been towed away and it’ll cost £300 to get it back. As he returns home for Hope’s overnight things, Kevin calls and tells Tyrone that after explaining Hope’s situation the towing company waived the fee and returned the truck. Back at the hospital, Tyrone tries to assure Fiz they will get through this together.

Gary, Alya, Anna and Zeedan gather at No 6 where Sharif and Yasmeen announce that Gary is joining the family business, while Alya paints on a smile to mask her guilt.

Ken confides in Audrey how he wishes he’d been a better husband and, later, confides in Steve how much he values Audrey’s friendship.

Mary laments to Rita, Norris and Emily that her life lacks excitement and she wishes she had friends her own age. Realising her dad is struggling, Sophie helps Kevin out in the office.