Tyrone attempts another proposal

Jack tells Tyrone that he would be a fool to let Molly slip through his fingers and he suggests he have another go at proposing. Aunty Pam tells Tyrone she has the perfect way for him to makes his proposal and gives him a plastic Faberge-style egg that records messages. But the message gets mixed up and Tyrone feels humiliated at another botched proposal, leaving Molly to work out what was going on.

Chesney is delighted with his presents on his birthday morning, but typically there’s nothing from Cilla. But when he opens the door he discovers a new bike on the doorstep and assumes it’s from her. When it turns out that John has sent the present he’s furious. Meanwhile, Kevin worries about Rosie who assures him she doesn’t need a chaperone. Kevin confronts John, but John insists that he doesn’t want any trouble and he has no intention of going near Rosie.

David finds Tina on her laptop again and she tells him that she has been catching up on emails. David is suspicious that she’s up to something and confides his fears to Darryl.

Also, Roger and Bill plan a booze cruise to France to beat the credit crunch.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Molly is touched when she realises that Tyrone was attempting to propose and to help him out she plans a surprise proposal of her own. Molly and Aunty Pam get everything sorted while Jack keeps Tyrone out of the way. Tyrone comes out of the pub to find a burger van decked with fairy lights and a glammed-up Molly. Molly encourages Tyrone to propose again and she has her own recorded message of acceptance.

Fiz is still furious with John for buying Chesney the bike and tells him that she never wants to speak to him again. He tells her that he loves her and he wants to turn back the clock, but she insists that will never happen. Chesney finally gets his present from Cilla when she sends return tickets to see her in Vegas, but he worries about leaving Fiz while John’s still around.

Clarissa is still playing games with Harry and tells him she will bring the rest of his stuff to the flat. Later at the pub Harry finds himself caught in the crossfire between Liz and Clarissa and also on the receiving end of a flying G&T!

Also, Roger is unimpressed when Bill reveals that Audrey has invited herself on the booze cruise.