The police quiz Tyrone Dobbs, who sticks up for Maria pointing out that Caz is a liar. Meanwhile, Maria warns Pablo to be careful what he tells the police. Aidan assures Maria he believes she’s innocent, but how will Fiz and Tyrone explain a blood-stained rug tossed in Maria’s bin?

Yasmeen confides in Alya that in part she blames herself for failing to be an attentive wife. Later, Yasmeen masks her anger by telling Sonia to come to the party. With their engagement celebration underway, Sharif presents Rana with Jamila’s necklace and Yasmeen erupts, announcing that Sharif has been having an affair.

Roy’s not keen on a church wedding, but will Cathy be happy with a civil service? Meanwhile, Roy asks Alex to be his best man…

Michael reveals to Sarah his plans to renew his vows. Sarah and Bethany offer to help organise a bonfire party for the kids. Anna regains consciousness and sees the extent of her injuries.