Tyrone faces wedding day disaster

Molly wakes up on her wedding morning a bag of nerves and she won’t let Aunty Pam leave her side. But the blushing bride-to-be is completely oblivious to Pam’s edgy mood as Pam worries about getting Tyrone roped into her latest scam.

Meanwhile, Tyrone doesn’t get off to the best of starts on his wedding day when he gets a call from the agency supplying the doves for the wedding cancelling his order as they confess that the doves have had a nasty accident. Things go from bad to worse when the harpist calls to say she is stuck in traffic. But these hitches seem like minor blips when he turns up for the handover of the dodgy sunglasses to Pam’s contact, only to find himself face-to-face with a copper!

Steve is miserable at being dumped by Becky and he suggests to Michelle that they should go to Ireland for a few days. Liz can’t believe that Steve is still stringing Michelle along and she tells him to sort his love life.

Also, Peter invites Leanne for pizza and a DVD with him and Simon, but when Leanne is late turning up he decides to start on the wine alone.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tyrone is horrified when he’s arrested for handling stolen goods, but Jack saves his wedding day when he bribes the policeman to let Tyrone get to the church on the proviso that he’ll hand himself in after the ceremony. Meanwhile, Molly discovers a horse-drawn carriage waiting to take her to the church and she’s thrilled that Tyrone has gone to such lengths to give her a day to remember. Tyrone gets to the church with time to spare, but he’s so stressed out by the drama that when Molly arrives he faints at the altar!

Leanne talks to Deirdre and discovers that Peter has gone to a great deal of effort to plan a nice evening for the two of them. Leanne is touched and Peter’s thoughtfulness pays off and it isn’t long before he and Leanne are kissing passionately.

Anna asks Gary to take down the Christmas lights as she is sick of the earache she is getting off Gail. Tina is not best pleased when Gary needs to get into the bedrooms to dismantle the lights, but he is on his best behaviour and Tina finds herself warming to him.

Also, Becky tells Jason that she feels she’ll always be second best to his ex Sarah.

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