Tyrone feels the force of Fiz’s fury

Fiz goes to sell her engagement ring, telling Tyrone they need the cash. But when she gets home to find Tyrone’s cooked a surprise meal and bought a bottle of prosecco she shouts at him for wasting money.

Carla arrives home from hospital and confides in Michelle how the guilt of having slept with Robert is killing her. Carla’s horrified to find Johnny in her kitchen, having overheard everything. Johnny promises her secret is safe with him, but later shoves Robert into the ginnel, telling him they need to have a little chat…

Sally tells Kate how upset Sophie is that Jenny’s back, but after hearing Jenny’s explanation about how the death of her son made her mentally ill, Kate tells Sophie how sorry Jenny is. Sophie’s furious with Kate for siding with the enemy.

Kevin apologises to Anna for not being more understanding. Mary thinks everyone’s laughing behind her back.