When No 9’s TV subscription gets cancelled, Tyrone phones the TV provider and pays on another credit card. Later, Tyrone leaves Roy in charge of putting an inflatable Santa on the roof while they take Hope to hospital. But when they arrive home they find Santa totally deflated on the roof. Tyrone’s furious that Hope’s surprise has been spoiled and shouts at a shocked Roy.

Steph’s upset by messages from friends who have seen her naked photos. When some blokes in the Bistro snigger over their phones, paranoid Steph angrily confronts them. Realising she’s got the wrong end of the stick, Steph flees. Luke and Andy agree that Jamie needs punishing for what he’s done.

Mary roars with laughter at Brendan’s boring stories while Eva, Norris, Rita and Emily are nonplussed.

Chesney’s annoyed at Sinead’s reluctance to go on a free trip to Portugal to see Joseph. Zeedan’s impressed with Gary’s plans for the gym and offers him tips to win round Sharif. Later Gary’s suspicious when he spots a punter passing pills to somebody in the gym.