Tyrone insists they should keep the £2k as it was intended for Hope. Fiz feels guilty, pointing out that the money raised was meant to be for the factory girls. Making out Tyrone had a generous tip from a customer, Fiz guiltily buys a round of drinks for the factory girls.

Alone in the hospital visitors’ room, Nicola warms to Anna and confides in her that she’s pregnant. Anna tells her the truth and reveals how Phelan forced her to have sex with him. Will Nicola believe her and in tern shatter Phelan’s future plans?

Luke misreads the situation and presents Alya with surprise tickets for a Champagne reception. He’s upset when she knocks him back, preferring to work on her new business with Aidan.

Tracy sees Steve in a new-ish light when he admits to her that he’s attached his fitness tracker to Rover the dog in the hope of outdoing Dev on his number of steps.

Second episode of night.