Tyrone proposes to Fiz!

*Hour-long Episode*

Tyrone produces some personalised crackers. Sinead pulls the wrong one and is thrilled when an engagement ring lands in her lap. Tyrone quickly explains it’s for Fiz. Getting down on one knee in the snow, Tyrone proposes to Fiz, who giddily says yes.

When Tracy overhears Amy telling Robert that he can be her number two dad, Tracy realises that Robert is the one for her. In the Rovers, Robert pulls out the engagement ring from his pocket but before Tracy can take it, he demands to know why she’s visiting Rob.

Meanwhile, Carla chats to Rob on Johnny’s phone while Johnny goes into meltdown.

Kylie strides into the pub, a woman on a mission and telling David she loves the bones of him, she kisses him passionately.

Tim and Sally are forced to invite Sophie, Kevin, Anna and Faye to join them for Christmas. Kevin goes to kiss Anna under the mistletoe. Mary waits alone in a hotel lounge for Brendan to join her. Caz surprises Kate, telling her she’s booked them into a posh hotel for the night.