Tyrone pours his heart out to Jack who is devastated that he can’t do anything to help. Meanwhile, Tyrone believes Molly is having an affair with Dev when she moves into his flat. Kevin manages to stop Tyrone beating Dev to a pulp, but is then asked by his mate to speak to Molly. She tells him to go back to Tyrone but when she insists she loves Kevin he tells her to leave.

Steve drops the bravado and confesses to Lloyd that he can’t believe he’s messed up yet again. Rosie is intent on getting her breast enlargement despite Sally’s illness and Sophie is stunned when she finds out. Rosie swears her to secrecy

Sally is ready to return to work and the factory girls try to make ammends for the way they treated her. Kelly, Sean and Janice feel particularly bad and decide to set up a cancer charity collection bottle in the Rovers. Sophie meanwhile is horrified to discover that Rosie is still considering going ahead with the boob job!

Also; Ryan is worried about Sian and tells Sophie that he has not heard from her since she went home to try and sort things out with her dad.

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