Tyrone relationship with Fiz is left in ruins as he tries to make things up to Ruby

Tyrone is gutted when Ruby shuns him and asks Gemma to take her to school

Tyrone is struggling with Ruby who is still scared of him after he hit her. She refuses to let him take her to school and insists she wants Gemma to take her. Meanwhile, Fiz decides to take Hope to the doctors to try and get her some help.

Waking up on Martin’s sofa from a fitful night’s sleep, David ears prick up as Martin talks about his plans to move to New Zealand. Given food for thought David returns home and announces he wants to leave Weatherfield for a new life in NZ near his dad.

An oblivious Michelle thanks Carla for trying to help win Ali round for her and Robert asks Ali if he will meet him later.

Rosemary tell Gail she can help her get rid of the curse but it will take time and money. Sally shows off her “Italian designer Fresco” wallpaper to an amused Carla and Michelle, while Gina remembers where she has seen the wallpaper before…