Tyrone sets up Paul

Tyrone thinks that he’s finally got something on Paul when he sees Paul spiriting away the post and he later hears Paul call himself ‘Mr Duckworth’ on the phone. Tyrone leaves a letter addressed to Jack on the mantelpiece and when it disappears he triumphantly tells Jack that Paul is stealing his mail. But Tyrone is left looking a fool when Paul claims that the letter was a delivery note for a surprise gift for Jack and Vera.

Roy is unhappy about an impending visit from Christian as Hayley still hasn’t told her son that she’s his dad, not his aunt. Roy fumes as he listens to Hayley telling Christian about his ‘dead’ dad and Christian picks up on the atmosphere. Hayley is devastated when Christian says his goodbyes and claims he won’t be seeing her again.

David is intrigued when he discovers Darryl trying to hide a bag of ecstasy pills in the garden after promising to look after them for a mate. David tells Darryl that he knows a much better hiding place and he stuffs them inside the head of an old doll of Beth’s.

Also, Sean has a birthday date with Marcus; Carla is given the eye by attractive businessman Tony.