Tyrone strikes back!

Tyrone tells Kirsty they need to find help for her anger issues. Though nervous she realise their relationship’s at risk so agrees to see Dr Carter. When the time comes for her appointment however Kirsty bottles it, concocts an excuse and flees from the surgery, leaving Deirdre bemused. She later tells Tyrone that everything’s fine. Dr Carter reckons her problems are due to pregnancy hormones. She just needs to relax. Later in the Rovers Tyrone asks Deirdre what follow-up options might be available and the truth comes out. When Tyrone later confronts Kirsty, a heated argument erupts, but this time it’s Kirsty that ends up being the victim of Tyrone’s anger.

With the help of Lloyd Steve arranges an acoustic night gig for Ryan at a local pub. Michelle’s thrilled when Ryan agrees to do it. But he has ulterior motives for taking the opportunity when he arranges a drug deal.

Tracy continues to work her ticket in a way only she can. Emily’s starting to believe that Norris’s constant whining about the house interloper is justified.

Also, Mary’s infatuation with Roy steps up when she gets him to agree to a musical excursion.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Kirsty flees from the house with a split lip and Tyrone in pursuit, they run into Deirdre who insists that Kirsty should get her injury looked at. When she comes back from the Doctors with the all-clear Kirsty hopes Tyrone might now finally understand her problem. Tyrone’s anger mounts when Kirsty tells him Deirdre thinks he’s beating her. He’s had enough. Having a baby should be the happiest time of their lives… but look at them! Tyrone storms out, but when he cools down and returns later, realising he has to do whatever he can to salvage his relationship, Kirsty has a shocking surprise in store for him.

Michelle’s bursting with pride when she returns with Ryan after the gig and fails to clock that a large amount of cash has somehow vanished from her purse. When Lloyd lets slip that Steve was behind setting the gig up Michelle’s intrigued. But what will she say to Steve when she confronts him about it?

After Tracy’s latest reckless behaviour leads to the ruination of Roy’s dancing shoes, she feigns illness while he hatches a plan for revenge. Emily realises she might finally be at snapping point.

Also, Mary’s thwarted when Norris reveals they won’t be going on their planned trip alone.