Tyrone sees red when a dismissive Todd insults Maria and punches him on the jaw. A jealous Fiz is furious and drags Tyrone home, but a triumphant Maria is secretly pleased at Tyrone’s protective display.

A suspicious Rob leaves the hotel after Peter spins him a story about meeting a client and quickly ushers Tina out of a fire exit. Knowing he’s promised to be at Carla’s first scan, but battling his craving for alcohol, Peter lets Carla down again and head to the pub instead. When he doesn’t show up Carla is fuming, determined to track him down and give her a piece of her mind.

Owen confides in Anna that he feels he’s let his family down and he’s going to look for a job. It’s clear the Windasses are finally looking to the future as a family.

Also, Beth sets off to Latvia for her breast enhancement; and Luke persuades Maria to let him buy her a drink.