Tyrone and Gemma bond over their complicated love lives and caught up in the moment Tyrone leans in for a kiss!

Tyrone leans in for a kiss with Gemma – will she respond?

Gemma calls at no.5 and is surprised when Tyrone reveals that Fiz has taken Hope away, believing her to be in danger from Ruby. As Tyrone confides in Gemma about how Kirsty used to beat him up a shocked Gemma tries to make him feel better by telling him about her own disastrous relationships. Caught up in the moment Tyrone leans in for a kiss – will Gemma respond?

Eva tries to block Lee’s way and demands to know where Billy is but he’s keeping quiet. Eva posts the campaign photos on social media and decides to try and search local hostels and shelters.

David is in a foul mood and says he won’t be going to his dad’s farewell party as he is training for the boxing match. Audrey, Gail and Shona are appalled pointing out it could trigger his epilepsy and ask Josh to talk some sense into him.

Mary is baffled as to why Jude won’t apply for the job she suggested as he is overqualified. Jude admits he has been over picky in the past and he will give it a go much to Angie’s relief. Having agreed that he and Sally can stay in Weatherfield Tim’s heart sinks when she says she wants to give the house a makeover.

Second episode of the evening.