Tyrone visits his mum, Jackie

Molly head off to visit Jackie and Tyrone warns Molly that Jackie usually spells trouble. Molly hits it off with Jackie, but Jackie is jumpy and Tyrone gets the feeling they’re being watched. Tyrone is unconvinced by Jackie�s claims that she’s changed and he confronts her. Jackie confesses she owes money to Brian, a nasty piece of work who used to be friends with his dad.

Maria is not impressed when Fiz tells her about kissing John. Meanwhile, Eileen guesses that John�s good mood is to do with Fiz. He reveals they kissed last night, but warns Eileen there is no master-plan and he’s not going to rush her. John awkwardly apologises to Fiz for over-stepping the mark and Fiz struggles between her head and her heart.

Sally is paranoid when she discovers that Julie is going to be her holiday cover at the factory and she suspects that Tony is trying to push her out of her job. Kevin is already worried about leaving his business in its current state and they set off on their holidays with heavy hearts.

Also, Jerry is starting to feel unwell and asks to see a doctor; David tries to make Tina jealous by flirting with Amber.