Tyrone’s arrest is not what it seems

Tyrone is in a state after the ceremony as he realises he’ll have to confess to Molly that he may be spending their wedding night in a cell. Pam wonders what’s going on and confronts Jack and Kirk. Jack fills her in on Tyrone’s arrest, but Pam is suspicious when Jack describes the copper to her and she realises that he is in an old associate of hers, a conman, and not a policeman at all.

Tyrone is delighted at the news and he heads for the reception with a glad heart. The happy couple are touched when Kevin and Sally present them with tickets for a honeymoon in Paris. But the day ends on a dark note when Jackie sneaks into the reception and rifles through the wedding presents…

Michelle turns down JD when he asks her to tour with the band, but she is surprised when Steve insists that she go. Steve later has a quiet word with JD and explains that his relationship with Michelle is on the rocks, then suggests that Michelle has a soft spot for him and he should try it on with her!

Also, David is furious when he discovers Tina drinking tea with arch rival Gary; Fiz confesses to Julie that she’s still in touch with John.

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