As Tyrone and Tina recover at home Tyrone rings the hospital to check on Kirsty. The police arrive and Tina makes an official complaint about Kirsty harassing her. Torn over his feelings for Kirsty, Tyrone decides to visit her. He’s upset to see the state of her bruised and bloodied face, but when she tells him he brought it on himself by choosing Tina he tries to leave. However he’s stopped by a doctor who arrives with Kirsty’s test results and the unexpected news that Kirsty’s pregnancy is fine!

As Owen creosotes the fence at No 6 Kylie and David mock him. But Kylie’s not laughing after a hoax call sends her on a non-existent job. Trying to smooth over the feud Anna insists Owen pay half the cab fare. Owen agrees, but when he discovers creosote in his pond and dead fish floating on the top, he rages.

Steve is frustrated to find Becky back at Streetcars. She’s determined to stand firm, but as she calls Danny to cancel their date he makes her wonder what the point is in dragging her dispute out with Steve.

Also, Anne’s not happy to see that Sally has stayed the night with Frank and tells him she has reservations about him getting involved with her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tina thinks Kirsty’s lying about being pregnant and hopes Tyrone won’t fall for it again. But Tyrone’s in turmoil and returns to the hospital. Kirsty’s hopeful they can work things out and promises to change – she was jealous, but would never be unfaithful. As she hands him the scan of their baby Tyrone is overwhelmed.

Becky tells Steve if he gives her another cheque they can call it quits, but Steve refuses, saying she can fight him in court. Becky turns up at Danny’s unannounced, after earlier cancelling their date. But when she spots him with another woman and a little boy who calls him Daddy she walks away. Going after her Danny explains the woman is his sister and the boy is his son Billy – he’s widowed. He hadn’t wanted to tell her about Billy in case it scared her off.

Owen bursts into the Platts’, angrily accusing David of killing his fish and threatening to call the police. But a shocked David insists he had nothing to do with it.

Also, Tommy takes care of Tina at home; Norris and Mary step up their rehearsals as the music competition approaches; Frank’s private investigator tails Peter and Carla.