The police never like investigating their own but sometimes it has to be done, even if it threatens your own job – as Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her old dogs Jack, Brian and Gerry discover in the final episode of the seventh series.

The UCOS team’s reinvestigation of a 30-year-old robbery quickly entangles them in a case of big-time corruption within the police force – and it’s all thanks to another old dog, retired Detective Inspector Frank Patterson (guest star Phil Daniels – EastEnders), who helped Sandra and co tackle an extreme right-wing group in the last series and capture the man who murdered Jack’s wife.

Frank has new information about the getaway car used for the robbery which he thinks could lead the team to the only survivor of the gang, criminal mastermind Michael Denby, who murdered his partners in crime and made off with the millions they nicked from safety deposit boxes.

Frank was part of the original team who worked the robbery case so it’s
understandable that he would want to put Denby behind bars. But Denby’s not the only man Frank has in his sights – he’s convinced a high-ranking police officer had something to do with the robbery and sees this as his last chance to prove he’s right.

But rattling cages means UCOS comes under unwelcome scrutiny…

Series 8 will be screened in 2011.