Architect Graeme Williamson tries to drag a 1960s house in Warwickshire into the 21st century and make it fit for a family of five

George Clarke’s high-end makeover show – Ugly House to Lovely House – returns with a fine example of what makes the show so compelling.

In Claverdon, Warwickshire, Steve and Celine have bought a 1960s house that was probably a nice place to live when it was built but is now tatty after 50 years of neglect.

The question here isn’t: ‘Can the house be transformed?’ Of course it can – a tin of paint would do that.


George Clarke, Celine, Steve and Graeme Williamson outside their lovely house

Rather, it’s more about whether Steve and Celine will buy into the big, bold plans that architect Graeme Williamson has in mind.

Especially since Celine has definite ideas of her own about how she wants the kitchen.

Whose vision will win out?

TV Times rataing: ****