Not so long ago, Aaron was an angry young man who was determined to suffocate his homosexuality. Now he’s enjoying his first gay romance with Jackson and even kisses him as they leave the pub in Hotten. Then he turns and sees Adam staring at him. Will Aaron run and hide? Or will he finally start telling his friends who he really is?

Charity also has a pub date – with business tycoon Declan. After being caught as she tried to return his car (which she stole with Cain), Charity has to play nice with Declan to keep the police out of the picture. But being nice to Declan includes kissing him. No hardship, really; he’s a good-looking bloke and worth a bob or two – very attractive qualities to Charity. But Declan’s playing with her and when she finds out she tells Cain. Will he want to play rough with Declan for kissing his woman?

Eli’s missing Olena and doesn’t feel like playing at all. He doesn’t feel like working, either – but then he never does. He has the kind of job many people would love: he can turn up late, play the fool and eat the profits. But it doesn’t make him happy and he quits.

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