‘Ullo Cain, got a new motor?

Last year it was Cain and Charity playing out their version of Bonnie & Clyde, this year Cain’s dragged Ryan into his game of ‘nick the posh car’ – but Ryan doesn’t want to play. The two of them get suited and booted for a night out and go to a bar. But Ryan smells a rat when Cain seems keen to leave him with a very attractive woman. Then Ryan realises that Cain isn’t interested in pulling; he has his heart set on nicking a beautiful motor and Ryan’s his decoy. Except Ryan has no interest in getting into the sort of trouble that will lead him straight back to prison.

Debbie insists she has no interest in Cameron and agrees to spend an evening with him to explain why. It’s simple really: he’s cheated once, with her, and she’s sure that if they get together he’ll cheat on her. No, no, no, says Cameron. He won’t do that and suggests they have a trial relationship so he can prove it. Listening to her heart instead of her head, Debbie agrees to his idea.

After a tongue-lashing by a frustrated Hazel, Jackson’s in a more agreeable mood and says he will be Josh’s godfather.