Unable to cope, Michael seeks help

Struggling with his hallucinations, Michael heads to the hospital to speak to a therapist and to explain what’s going on with his daughter. When Tash sees her dad coming out of the therapist’s office, she’s worried and confused.

After her conversation with Emelia, Tash knows Michael is hiding something from her about her mum and how she died. Summer promises to help Tash get to the bottom of it. The girls look through all the newspaper articles on Tash’s mum, but she doesn’t understand why there’s no death certificate, so they head to the hospital to see what they can find. Despite not finding what she needs, Rhys encourages Tash to apply for her mum’s death certificate, which she’ll get when she turns eighteen in a few weeks.

Noah continues to help with the history art project and he gets Kate talking about her ex-boyfriend who was a detective, however, she soon closes up and won’t talk about him, so, curious, Noah asks Sophie.

Paul and Susan work on her article about the development and when Karl gets involved, things get very tense between them. Susan’s shocked when Karl admits he’s looking to buy a new house for himself.