Pasiphae may have been shot by an arrow, but that’s not enough to stop the sorceress. Before passing out, she manages to carve a curse into a tombstone, which unleashes an army of the undead through the string of tunnels where our heroes find themselves trapped.

The undead soldiers appear impossible to kill and it looks like all the gang could be doomed. While Hercules and Pythagoras do their best to protect Ariadne, Jason, who’s trapped in another part of the tunnel system, finds himself forming an unlikely partnership with Pasiphae’s niece, Medea.

When she heals Jason’s leg, he starts to believe that there’s good inside her. However, when Jason is finally reunited with the others, Hercules makes it clear he doesn’t trust Medea: “It will take more than some dark hair and pretty eyes to fool me.”

Pythagoras replies: “Really, because usually that’s all it takes.”

Medea helps lift Pasiphae’s curse and the undead soldiers finally fall. But then she takes her chance and stabs Ariadne.