David’s reeling from Kylie’s confession. She tries to explain she wants to make something of herself before having more kids, but David takes it as a personal insult that she doesn’t want his child and warns her he may not wait for ever. After storming out David calls at Tina’s flat to apologise for telling Tommy about her abortion. Over a few cans he pours his heart out about his rift with Kylie and they commiserate with each other. Tina explains to David about the financial incentive behind the surrogacy, but insists she’s going through with it because she genuinely wants to help Izzy and Gary.

Gary’s furious with Tommy and has to be calmed down by an anxious Izzy. As Tina denies cheating on Tommy, everyone’s confused.

After talking it over with Stella, Leanne tells Nick she’s made a decision about his proposal to marry in Vegas.

Also, Malcolm turns up at the Rovers with a police officer in tow. Malcolm asks Dennis to identify Steve McDonald. Aware of his friends watching, Dennis tries to fob them off, but Norris points out Steve to the officer.