A 13-year-old boy is found kicked to death at Euston Station, but DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin have nothing to go on. DI Natalie Chandler holds a press conference, which identifies the victim as Danny Jackson, and Matt and Ronnie soon discover that Danny’s mother, Mandy, is an ex-junkie whose boyfriend Stevie is suspected of physically abusing Danny.

As the case develops, suspicions fall on Danny’s foster home, run by Phoebe Baxter. But Ronnie and Matt are at a loss as to who is responsible for Danny’s death. Was it the parents who abused then abandoned him? Or a foster mother who gave him too much freedom? Or was it his friends, the last people to see him alive?

Crown Prosecutors James Steel and Alesha Phillips have the prime suspect in the dock but Beatrice McArdle, on old flame from James’s defence days, thinks he’s prosecuting the wrong person. James knows Beatrice is trying to gather evidence to suggest that the accused was genetically predisposed towards murder; a defence that could prompt change in the British legal system.

As the legal system hangs by a thread, James must fight harder than ever to win justice for Danny – but at what cost?