John-Paul’s confession of his true feelings to Craig has left both boys in complete confusion, while Hannah is shattered that her party was such a disaster, and she and Craig are in no mood to listen to Sarah’s apologies for snogging Rhys and causing a riot. But Craig can’t avoid John-Paul, and the pair end up thrashing out their differences in the school common room with John-Paul reassuring a skeptical Craig that he’ll bury his feelings for him. Later, Hannah forgives Sarah and vows to get her and Craig back together…

Calvin is on a mission to improve his relationship with Louise, but his attempted afternoon of passion is ruined by Sasha and Sonny. Things don’t get much better for Calvin when he discovers that Sonny has been bunking off school to work for Warren in The Loft. Louise intervenes in the resulting row, leading Calvin to snap and tell her to keep out of it. Louise storms off in a strop and Calvin tells Sonny he can either quit working for Warren or leave home.

Josh lies when Rhys asks if he and Amy have slept together and Rhys advises him to take charge to get his way. But Rhys’s advice makes Josh increasingly jittery and things don’t go to plan when he makes his move.